Copemish Heritage Days |

Thompsonville Area Revitalization Project team members manned a display table
during Copemish Heritage Days Celebration on August 6. Kayla Russell, Russell
Smith, Kathy and Harry Eiferle were on hand to discuss the proposed project that
includes a Visitor’s Center/Trail Head that will connect with the new Betsie Valley
Trail coming from Beulah and serve as a gateway and hub for all trails in
Northwest Michigan.
The Visitor’s Center will feature a people place theme around Thompsonville’s
rich history, where two major train lines crossed through a community that was a
significant player in the growth and development of Benzie County and Northwest
Michigan. The center itself will feature artifacts from bygone days in
Thompsonville and the history of the train era and glory days of Thompsonville.
The Thompsonville Junction Visitor’s Center and Park will provide a safe, healthy
place for individuals and local families to gather and recreate outdoors
The vision is for cyclists to have a rest stop in Thompsonville, make use of the
Visitor Center and be engaged by the history of the area. Further, we have a
vision of the Visitor Center being using for non- profit organizations for events,
meetings. The Thompsonville Junction Park could be home to a weekly farmers
market, a Pop up ice cream station, hot dog stand and beverage station, and
weekly programming.
We think of outdoor classroom experiences for the area young people to learn
the vibrant history of the area and visitors will having the same experience.
Cycle and snowmobile groups coming off the trail will visit not only utilize the
Visitors Center but also wander through Main Street to eat, shop and tour the
historical elements and weekend tours will be arranged.
Thank you to the Copemish Heritage Days Organizers for allow us to present.

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