Recent Grant Receipts |

At the October 12, Thompsonville Area Revitalization Project (TARP) Board meeting, Charles
Kraus, Board president, announced the recent receipt of the following grant awards: USDA
Rural Development Grant of $75,000.00, Rotary Charities of Traverse City Seed Grant of
$10,000.00, and Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation Grant of $15,000.00. These
funds will enable the TARP Board to move forward with Phase 2 of its Thompsonville Junction
Visitor’s Center, Trailhead, and Improvements to the George W. Sharp Park Project. Phase 2
provides for the release of request for proposals to select engineering firms for the completion of
a schematic and engineering study of the project. Phase 1 of the project involved the creation of a
conceptual master plan design by the Beckett and Raeder Landscape Architect Firm in Petoskey,
TARP is a grass roots organization with no paid staff, only creative, hardworking, caring, and
determined volunteers. Together with its community partners, TARP strives to meet the
challenges of its capstone project with innovative and adaptive solutions. TARP is committed to
its mission to improve the quality of life in the Thompsonville area community and in Benzie

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