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TARP Earth Day update: Volunteers from TARP spent Earth Day weekend attending to TARP’s mission of undertaking projects to improve the quality of life for all people of the greater Thompsonville area by picking up roadside litter on Lindy Road from 115 to Haze Road. Eight 45 gallon bags worth of litter were collected including beer and soda cans too numerous to count, liquor bottles, damaged car parts, assorted articles of clothing, cardboard, masks, plastic bags, tire carcasses, and one wooden ironing board. Many thanks go out to Ron Hitesman, Weldon Township Supervisor, for hauling away the bags collected in the bed of his pick up truck. The design and engineering study by Mansfield Land Use Consultants for the Thompsonville Junction trailhead has almost been completed. Shortly, TARP will be initiating fundraising efforts to hopefully turn the trailhead dream into a reality. TARP’s beautification committee volunteers will soon be planting the sidewalk beds in Thompsonville. Stay tuned!

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